Seit 1974 haben die RED HOT HOTTENTOTS insgesamt ein Dutzend LP’s, MC’s und CD’s eingespielt, die derzeit jedoch ausverkauft sind. Lediglich im Internet kann man hin und wieder fündig werden. Dazu dienen die Hinweise auf dieser Seite.

LP’s und MC’s

„Ohren auf, HOTTENTOTS rein“   (BIT 2103 / Juni 1974)
Everybody Loves My Baby, Jet Black Blues, Copenhagen, Talkin’ Hot, St.Louis Blues,
Boiled Ears, Sweet Mumtaz, Hot Coffin, Shake It And Break It, Ory s Creole Trombone

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS & Anita Honis (Mix 1009 / September 1975)
Wa Wa Wa, St. Louis Blues, Mojo Blues, Dr. Jazz, Swinging Brooms, King of Bones, Nobody Knows You When You
Are Down And Out, Pictures, I Found A New Baby

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Hot Jazz News“ (BIT 2104 / August 1976)
Sweet Georgia Brown, New Orleans Function / Dead Man Blues, Cushion Foot Stomp, Savoy Blues, Jogo Rhythm,
Fourty And Tight, Red Onion Blues, King Porter Stomp, Muskrat Ramble, When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Family Blues“ (BIT 99 November 1976)
Family Blues, Shine

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Oh Play That Thing“ (BIT 2107 / März 1978)
Boy In The Boat, Dippermouth Blues, Garbage Man, Red Hot Pepper, Tiger Rag, Irish Black Bottom,
Ozark Mountain Blues, Snag It, Weary Blues, Shine

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS “Sharjah Shuffle“ (BIT 2121 / Juni 1980 - Februar 1981)
Sharjah Shuffle, The Mooche, Chattanooga Stomp, What You Want Me To Do, Rhythm Club Stomp,
Red Hot Hottentot, Willie The Weeper, Family Blues, Too Late, Jones Law Blues

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Live“ (IMO 82-0202 / September 1982)
Canal Street Blues, Jet Black Blues, Dippermouth Blues, What You Want Me To Do, Savoy Blues,
Irish Black Bottom, East St. Louis Toodle-Oo, Ozark Mountain Blues, Chattanooga Stomp, Southern Stomps

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „HOT FRANKFURT Mainstream“ (1822-Jazz Records LP 1985)
Frog-I-Moore Rag, Tiger Rag, Red Onion Blues, Red Hot Hottentot, St. Louis Blues

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Stomp Off, Let s Go“ (IMO 87-0208 / März 1987)
Stomp Off! Let s Go!, Bimbo, Snake Rag, Jazzin Babies Blues, Frog-I-Moore Rag, Royal Garden Blues,
King Of The Zulus, New Down Home Rag, Riverside Blues, Canalstreet Blues


RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „That’s A Plenty“ (IMO 90-1209 / November 1990)
That’s A Plenty, Long Deep And Wide, Buddy’s Habits, South, High Society,
Black And Tan Fantasy, Static Strut, You Rascal You, Double Check Stomp, Panama Rag

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Hot Jazz Favourites“    (IMO 00-2212 / Februar 2000)
Kansas City Stomps, Somebody Stole My Gal, Sobbin Blues, Just Gone, Pass Out Lightly, Room Rent Blues,
Cake Walking  Babies From Home, Once In A While, Sweet Like This, Ham And Eggs, Blues Of The Vagabound,
I’ve Found A New Baby, La Cucaracha

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Back To The Roots“, Vol.1, 1972-1976    (IMO 93-2210)

RED HOT HOTTENTOTS „Back To The Roots“, Vol.2, 1978-1987    (Imo 93-2011)